Over 3,000 Employers In Atlanta Are Now Hiring On The Hirewire App

We’ve all heard of Hirewire from somewhere. Maybe you’ve heard of the budding technology startup from Hirewire’s CEO Chau Nguyen, in radio interviews on 105.7, 106.7 and 1190am. Maybe you’ve seen us on high-school and college campuses, in restaurants, or at your local festivals. You might have seen the thousands of signs, flyers, and posters coloring Atlanta into a sea of Hirewire Green. Perhaps you’ve spotted our ad on the front cover of Creative Loafing, or heard the name Hirewire floating around the radio. Or maybe - just maybe - you’ve heard about Hirewire from a friend who has been hired by one of the 3,000 employers in Atlanta using the app.

The point is that Hirewire’s blowing up, and it’s all thanks to you. In January, Hirewire launched with close to 100 locations searching for job seekers. A month later, Hirewire had doubled those numbers. In March, Hirewire had skyrocketed to over 1,000 different employers using the app. Now, There are over 3,000. Compare that to over 70,000 people searching for a job on Hirewire. It’s plain to see that Atlanta’s going crazy for the newest and easiest way to find jobs!

It feels like we’re everywhere nowadays, Atlanta, and we definitely feel the love. The Technology Association of Georgia named Hirewire one of the top 10 most innovative companies in 2016, as well as People’s Choice Award’s “Most Likely to Create Jobs” (http://www.tagonline.org/events/georgia-technology-summit/).

We’d be remiss to say we didn’t love you guys back. We really do. We visit locations like Jack’s and Buckhead Saloon, offering slices of pizza and drinks to anyone willing to make a Hirewire profile, all on us! We’re visiting colleges all over Atlanta, from Kennesaw State, Spellman, and Georgia State, handing out free t-shirts, sunglasses, and portable chargers.

On top of all that, Hirewire is always free for the job seeker. Also, during Hirewire’s beta launch, the app is free for employers to use. Just download the app, set up a profile, and wait in comfort while the employers bring the jobs to you!

Hirewire isn’t here to just give out free stuff, though. Our main goal is to help match job seekers with the perfect job. Hirewire’s shaking up the way people find work. We’re leveling the playing field for the hourly worker, putting the power back in your hands. Consider us your own personal job marketplace.

Hirewire may be one of Atlanta’s newest tech startups, but thanks to you guys we’re blowing up and revolutionizing the job market. We’re leveling the playing field for the hourly worker, representing the underdog in a world where they’re too underserved. If you consider yourself an underdog, or if you’re just a person that thinks finding a job is too slow and too aggravating, then we’d love if you gave Hirewire a try.